Technical architect at Société Générale

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Inside the GBSU/FRM department of Societe General, which is in charge of the industrialisation of the computation of regulartory and internal risk indicators, I was recruted as a technical architect in a transversal team of architects to assist the digital transformation of the FRM department dev teams to the Azure cloud and bigdata technologies.

My role was diverse. Mostly, I helped teams design their applications with the new technologies, following good practice and asserting the the respect of global compagny guidance. I also participated to transverse audits of all applications resilience. And during the second half of my mission I was dedicated to the initiation of the applications development and then to the setup of a stream of dev teams that developed and maintained central components of the computation chain of the CRR risk indicators.

architect, big-data, hadoop, cloud, Azure, spark, kafka, kubernetes, docker, spring, web-service, database, credit-risk, java, CI/CD, agile