WordPress on AWS

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On September 2017, the redhat cloud I used to host my wordpress site changed its structure (and pricing). It didn’t fit my need anymore so I moved my website to AWS, which I used to work with.

Here is a summary of what I had to do:

There are lots of tutorial that explained everything (but for solving some critical problem explained below):

It all worked fine, but I later had some trouble. My site wasn’t answering anymore and I couldn’t connect with ssh, timeout. I now think that I must have made an error with the credential. But at the time I didn’t know and, following some advice found on internet, I restarted my instance: I still couldn’t connect, but this time with connection refused…

After looking at the console log of my instance, I found out that ssh didn’t start, due to some incorrect owner rights on some system directories. But how to correct some file-system ownership when I cannot connect to the instance!?!

The solution, in short :

  • Shutdown the instance
  • Disconnect the EBS volume
  • Create a new instance (same config) and connect the EBS of the 1st instance on it
  • Start and connect to it.
  • Correct the files owner ship on the mounted drive
  • Revert the three first steps
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