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WordPress on AWS

On September 2017, the redhat cloud I used to host my wordpress site changed its structure (and pricing). I didn’t like that and moved to AWS.

This is how this website was deployed

There are lots of tutorial that explained everything (but for solving some critical problem explained below):

It all worked fine, but I later had some trouble. My site wasn’t answering anymore and I couldn’t connect with ssh, timeout. I now think that I must have made an error with the credential. But at the time I didn’t know and, following some advice found on internet, I restarted my instance: I still couldn’t connect, but this time with connection refused…

After looking at the console log of my instance, I found out that ssh didn’t start, due to some incorrect owner rights on some system directories. But how to correct some file-system ownership when I cannot connect to the instance !?!

The solution, in short :

  • Shutdown the instance
  • Disconnect the EBS volume
  • Create a new instance (same config) and connect the EBS of the 1st instance on it
  • Start and connect to it.
  • Correct the files owner ship on the mounted drive
  • Revert the three first steps

System integrator at The-ICA june 2015

I am one of the original IT of the ICA start up. We develop big-compute technologies and BI for financial risk analysis. We use all the new cloud tech that can help us leverage some very high computing and distributed data challenges.

My role span from implementing the distributed computing engines to the pricer of derivative products and financial metrics. One of my main specialty is to cope with all expertise of the companies, cloud IT to financial math. And as such, I have a central position regarding the design of the main computational workflow.

WordPress server in redhat cloud Free and simple

Obsolete redhat has changed its cloud on September 2017 and I moved to AWS

Here is a simple method to deploy a wordpress server on the redhat cloud and attach it to a domain name, for free. This is what I have done to host this site.

Create a wordpress server:

  1. Create an account on OpenShift, or login
  2. Add an application, and select “wordpress”
  3. If the account was just created, choose its (unique) namespace
  4. Choose the application name and fill up the form
  5. Go to site to create the wordpress user account
  6. Add content and customize the site directly from wordpress

Access the server:

  1. install the rhc command, then run rhc setup
  2. log in with ssh and/or git clone the wordpress repo from openshift
    • The url for ssh and git can be found on the page of the application once logged in openshit.
  3. Note for git: content should be added in the .openshift/[themes|plugins|…] folder of the repo. It will be copied in the suitable folder of the wordpress server (i.e. $OPENSHIFT_DATA/[themes|…]) by git push.

Finally, to attach this application to a domain name:

  1. Follow this 2 steps procedure
  2. Then in wordpress dashboard > setting > general, change the “site address (url)” with the url of your domain

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